Staff Care and Development Network


The GOALS of the SC&D network are to support, encourage and promote the fruitful, continuous, effective and widespread care and growth of YWAM staff in England.  We desire to see our staff flourish in their spiritual, emotional and mental health and to grow in family and individual well-being.

Who can take part?

The network provides an open invitation to those with pastoral giftings and interests who wish to explore this area.  It is non-hierarchical and open to anyone who would like to participate.

The network aims to serve many purposes in the area of Pastoral Care and Development:

Prayer and personal support
Training and equipping for service
Input and inspiration
Promotion of pastoral  giftings in YWAM England
Provision and sharing of resources
Openness to contributions and ideas

Structure and events

Facilitators are Anne Sloan and Jenny Lowen, both located at the Oval in Harpenden, but leadership and hosting of events will be rotated amongst the members at their bases and locations.

Gatherings will take place in different locations, which could help to draw in new people, aid those in relatively remote places, and expose members to new resources and relationships.

Retreats are envisaged for the purpose of relationship building/networking, equipping, motivating, inspiring, and affirmation of individuals, gifting and roles. We would like to have input from those in YWAM England’s midst with experience and wisdom as well as invite speakers with expertise in different specialised issues such as eating disorders, listening skills, self-harm, depression, stress and burn-out, conflict resolution, confrontation, testing tools (MBTI, Strengthfinders, Motivational Gifts, DISC) etc.

Website participation in which members can find resources, share ideas, ask questions, request advice, and more.


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