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YWAM’s discipleship and training programmes aim to better equip Christians to serve as missionaries in a variety of fields. Through YWAM’s University of the Nations (UofN) programmes, individuals can study in specialized areas such as science and technology, communications, the humanities or Christian ministry, picking and choosing courses tailored to a specific calling, or pursuing a degree with the UofN.

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YWAM schools usually take place within a YWAM community and combine classroom teaching with ongoing discipleship and practical service. Learning is accelerated by hands-on application in field situations. Schools vary widely in their size and surroundings, depending on the location. Applications for individual schools are handled at the YWAM centre which hosts them. Find out where we operate in England and what training courses each of our locations currently offer.

Go – into the world!

YWAM trains students for a purpose and that purpose is to share the love of Jesus all over the world, particularly among those people where He is least known. You may come to YWAM with a particular sense of calling to a place, a people, or an area of service, or you may discover that calling during your training. Either way, YWAM will help to equip you and get you to the place where you can use your gifts to bring change.

Check out our missions opportunities page to look for existing teams and contact them to find out what opportunities there are for you to join the mission adventure!