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YWAM schools are committed to ongoing discipleship as well as equipping students with the skills necessary to be effective in their purpose. The DTS qualifies you to attend Second Level Schools at any of YWAM’s 300+ training locations scattered in over 150 nations. There is a YWAM training school for almost every area of interest. Many YWAM schools are approved for credit with YWAM’s university, the University of the Nations (UofN), which has campuses all over the world.

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Prepare for Christian ministry.

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You can often prepare for Christian ministry in the nation you want to work in, studying in many languages, through traditional classroom learning combined with practical, hands-on experience. Areas of study include the Arts, Christian Ministries, Communications, Counseling & Health Care, Education, Humanities & International Studies, and Science & Technology. To apply for a YWAM second level school, you must first complete a Discipleship Training School (DTS). Get more information about the programs you are interested in directly from the locations which offer those schools.

These Courses usually start at the beginning of one of the four quarters during the year. This enables transition from one location to another to complete schools that accrue credits which can then, if desired, amount to a degree from the University of the Nations.

One exception to this is the Field based School of Biblical Studies (fbSBS) which is an online study programme that can be completed on a part-time basis at your YWAM location and can be started at any time.

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